Legislation requires all NSW residents must have at least one working smoke alarm installed on each level of their home. This includes owner occupied, rental properties, relocatable homes, caravans or any other residential building where people sleep.


This has been the law since May 1, 2006 and can include
hard-wired or battery powered smoke alarms.


It is now an offence not to have smoke alarms installed in every storey of all homes and other shared accomodation buildings where people sleep. A maximum penalty of $300 will apply. It is also an offence to interfere with or remove a smoke alarm unless for the purpose of maintenance or replacement.


The new laws aim to significantly reduce the number of home fire injuries and deaths.


For further information on smoke alarms go to the Fire and Rescue NSW web site.




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BBQ And Cylinder Fire Safety





Domestic Smoke Alarms Checklist

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Microwave Oven Fire Safety Checklist 

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Bush Fire Danger Period has been declared and permits to burn are currently required for Moree Plains Shire Council.

Fire Permits and Bush Fire Danger Period 
nullAre you Prepared to Survive?

Being prepared this bush fire season is an important part of protecting your family and home from the impacts of bush fires. A key to being prepared is to understand the level of bush fire risk you and your property are exposed to and the ways you can reduce this risk.

The NSW Rural Fire Service has developed the following stepped process that ensures your Bush Fire Survival Plan is appropriate for your circumstances.



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