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Moree Plains Shire Council is proud of it's commitment to Indigenous Employment and currently has approximately 15% of our workforce identifying as being of Aboriginal descent, with a number of employees undertaking casual, school based traineeships and school based apprenticeships, we are even more pleased to promote the fact that Aboriginal people are represented across all levels and areas of Council and achieve great outcomes in terms of career development and retention.
In 2010 Moree Plains Shire Council committed to the internal Aboriginal Employment Strategy which focuses on the future development and inclusion of Aboriginal people in our workforce.

MPSC Supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employmentMoree Plains Shire Council operates an internal Aboriginal Advisory Committee. If you are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent and would like to directly discuss a future career with MPSC please email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and request contact from a member of this committee. Your email must contain your name, an email contact or telephone number.

MPSC also provides a number of Aboriginal Identified School Based Traineeships each year, across the shire and these are promoted through local schools. Please contact your Career Advisor for more information.
Moree Plains Shire Council supports the 'Way Ahead Mentoring' program for Aboriginal Trainees and Apprentices. 

For further information: 
The Way Ahead for Aboriginal people

Moree Plains Shire Council also operates an internal 'Buddy System' for all new Aboriginal Employees over their first 12 months of employment.
Aboriginal Employee Buddy System - Application Form

A brochure is available with information on preparing and submitting an application.

Individual appointments can be made with the Aboriginal Employment and Careers Pathways Co-ordinator to assist you with your application or inform you of further information about work available.
If you have any queries contact details are available below:

Aboriginal Employment and Careers Pathways Co-ordinator 
PO BOX 420
Moree NSW 2400
P:0267 573 234
F:0267 523 934