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Seniors Week

senior citizen week 2018

Voluntary House Raising Scheme

Voluntary House Raising Scheme

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Policy Review - Open for Public Comment

Inland Rail

Inland Rail

Floodplain Risk Management

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Community Infrastructure Funding Opportunity
Closes 5pm, Wednesday 28 March 2018

Community Group Funding Opportunity  Closes 5pm, Wednesday 28 March 2018

After the last Council elections, we developed the Community Strategic Plan: Moree Plains 2035 and the Moree Plains Delivery Program 2014-2017 and Annual Operational Plan in conjunction with the community, our Councillors and staff. These were adopted by our Council on 27 June 2013.
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This was undertaken as part of the State Government’s Integrated Planning and Reporting framework, which all councils across NSW are required to comply with.
We will be reviewing our Community Strategic Plan, establishing a new Delivery Program and updating our Resourcing Strategy following the next ordinary election of Councillors. Our operational plan is adopted before the beginning of each new financial year.
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