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We understand how difficult  this time can be when laying your loved ones to rest. The role of Council occurs after you have been in touch with your chosen Funeral Home/Director.

Please see below to assist you with questions you maybe needing to know in regards to finalising the death of a loved one.

How can I order a plaque?


Plaques can be ordered by contacting Council and requesting a Plaque Information Package. Alternatively you can download the application below, post or hand deliver it to our office.

What happens once I’ve submitted an application?

When you submit a plaque application, the information you have provided will be copied onto a Cemetery Order Form. This will be sent to the company who design the plaques who will do up a proof and quote which will be sent back to Council who will then contact the person who submitted the plaque application.

Can I make changes to the image/proof?

Yes you can. If you aren’t 100% happy with the proof, or would like to make minor amendments you may do so, as the proof comes with a section that will allow you to do so. You may request a new proof if you wish to see the amendments as they would appear on the plaque.

How do I order the plaque once I’m happy with the design?

At the bottom proof there is the option to approve the quote, or approve with changes. When you do this, return it to Moree Plains Shire Council and we will forward it to Arrow Bronze and they will create the plaque which will then be returned to Council.

How long will it take for me to receive the plaque?

Once the plaque has been ordered it will take up to 20 working days for the plaque to be created and forwarded to Council. Once this occurs it will be attached to the grave site by Council employees. If you wish to be contacted upon its arrival or when the installation will take place if you wish to be present, you may make these arrangements with the Moree Plains Shire Council.

What is involved in payment?

The quote will differ depending on the type and size of the plaque that you order. However when payment is made at the time of the funeral, $200 is automatically allocated for a plaque, which will be held by Council for 12 months, and refunded if you choose not to order a plaque through council and have your own installed. Once the plaque is received and attached, an invoice will be sent to the individual who made the order.