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  • Development Application Pack
    This pack is complete with all relevant application forms and information to assist you with completing a development application form.

  • Archive Search Application Form
    This form is used to request a development application out of archives. Archive Search Application form is used for the community to be able to request old DA information from out archives.

  • Building Certificate Application Form
    Application for a building certificate under Section 149D of the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act 1979 in relation to the whole/part of the building. A Building Certificate for a property is a way an owner, or potential purchaser, or a financial institution can be assured that the structural assets on the property are in reasonable repair, are safe, and have the approval of Council.

  • Caravan Park and Camping Ground Application Form
    Application for licence under Section 68, Part F2 of the Local Government Act 1993 to operate.Use this form to apply for approval to operate a caravan park or camping ground under the Local Government 1993.

  • Certificate of Compliance with Technical Standards
    Certificate of compliance that the plumbing works have been completed in compliance with the plans, specifications and conductions of the section 68 approval and requirements of the plumbing code of Australia and referenced Australian Standard.

  • Checklist for Vendors on Council Facilities
    This application for vendors on Council Facilities includes the Occupation, Health and Safety checklist and information required to hold street stalls, fundraising etc on Council facilities.

  • Complying Development Application Form

    This Application is used to apply for approval to carry out a proposal that is classed as complying development. A Complying Development Certificate (CDC) combines the functions of both development consent and a construction certificate.
  • Construction Certificate Application Form
    This form is to be used to apply for Building Works in relation to development consent. After a development application is approved, a Construction Certificate is needed before building actually begins.

  • Driveway Access Application Form
    You must apply on this application form if you want to:
    •Construct a new or structurally modify a private driveway on a public road. This includes construction of private property access over a public footpath, nature strip or roadside verge.
    • Construct or modify kerb and gutter or footpath paving on a public road or road reserve.
    • Approval is required from Council ONLY if a vehicular crossing falls within the Council road reserve.
  • Environmental Effects and Threatened Species Information and Form
    This combined form with Statement of Environmental Effects, Threatened Species and information to completing this application.The Statement of Environmental Effects must identify the environmental impacts of the development, and the steps which will be taken to protect the environment or reduce the harm.

  • Exempt Development Application
    This form is used to apply to Council for a exempt development, should the applicant need written evidence. Exempt development is development that may be undertaken without the need to obtain development consent.

  • Final-Interim Fire Safety Certificate
    Under the provisions of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 (EP & A Reg.), owners of buildings have a legal obligation to supply the Commissioner of the NSW Fire Brigades with a copy of any Fire Safety Certificate and Fire Safety Statement listing the fire safety measures applicable to their building.

  • Heritage Funds Application
    Owners of buildings or items of heritage significance, particularly those listed in Moree Local Environmental Plan - 1995, are invited to apply for assistance for restoration projects.

  • Managing Building Waste

    A pamphlet on your responsibilities on managing waste from construction site produced from the Department of Environmental and Climate Change NSW.
  • Mobile Food Van Application
    To obtain an annual permit, an annual inspection or a sepcial event permit to have a mobile food vehicle. i.e, coffee van.

  • OSSM and Septic - Section 68 Application
    This form is used when unstalling, altering or constructing an on-site waste management system. This form is required in addition to the Development Application (DA), Certificate of compliance (CC) and section 68 application form.

  • Property Information Application (149 Certificate)
    This is a combined application form which includes Planning Certificates S149 (2) and S149 (5) and S735A and S121ZP outstanding notices.  How a property may be used and the restrictions on development. Drainage Diagrams and Outstanding Notices for properties.

  • Section 68 Application Form

    Use this form to apply for Section 68 applications including on-site sewage management system application.
  • Section 96 (Modify, Surrender or Review) Application Form
    Combined application to modify, surrender or review a development application. After a development consent has been issued, the original applicant or anyone entitled to act on the applicants behalf can apply to Council for approval to modify that development consent.

  • Small Permit Application Form
    Application to hold a non for profit fundraising stall in the main street or to erect an advertising board on the footpath

  • Subdivision Certificate Application Form
    Application to apply for a subdivision certificate. Under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 subdivision is a form of development that requires approval. Approval is given in the form of a Subdivision Certificate.

  • Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate 
    If you are the owner of a property containing a swimming pool you can at any time apply to Council or an accredited private certifier for a certificate of compliance. A certificate of compliance certifies that the swimming pool complies with the relevant legislative and safety requirements. The Certificate will be valid for 3 years, so long as the fencing remains compliant in that time. In order to apply for a Certificate of Compliance for a Swimming Pool, you must be the owner of the property and the pool must be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

  • Waste Management Plan for DA's
    This plan is to be filled out when submitting an application that involves construction work. A Waste Management Plan is a brief outline of the waste likely to be produced as a result of a proposed development, with details of how those wastes will be managed.