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When the Construction Certificate has been determined you will be sent a formal determination with the Construction Certificate accompanied by stamped plans and specifications.

What is the notice of commencement?

A notice of commencement form will be enclosed with the construction certificate and is required to be filled out and submitted to Council at least two days prior to work commencing.

Critical Stage Inspections

You will be notified along with the Construction Certificate the Critical Stage inspections that are required to be undertaken by the PCA.
The following inspections are required to be undertaken and are defined in the Act and as such are mandatory to achieve the issue of an Occupation Certificate.
After excavation for, and prior to the placement of, any footings, and  
Prior to pouring any in-situ reinforced concrete building element, and 
Prior to covering of the framework for any floor, wall, roof or other building element, and 
Prior to covering waterproofing in any wet areas, and  
Prior to covering any stormwater drainage connections, and  
After the building work has been completed and prior to any occupation certificate being issued in relation to the building. 
Prior to covering drainage lines to the sewer or on-site sewerage management system;
In the case of a swimming pool, as soon as practicable after the barrier (if one is required under the SwimmingPools Act 1992) has been erected, additional inspections may be required to be undertaken by the PCA. This is to ensure that work is being carried out to an acceptable standard. These inspections may require an addition inspection fee which can be located in the Moree Plains Shire Council Fees and Charges.
Booking an Inspection
If you have appointed Council as the PCA, you will need to book the relevant inspections by calling the Planning and Development Department on 02 6757 3245 and have the below information ready: 
 DA Number
 Date and time of the inspection – (provide at least 24 hours notice prior to booking)
 Type of inspection
Name and contact number
 Address of the property
Work should be ready for inspection or Council may charge a re-inspection fee.
Should there be a dog located on the property, Council should be advised and the dog appropriately restrained so that Council officers are able to undertake the inspection.