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The Voluntary House Raising Scheme has a round of funding every three years. The next round is 2017-2020 and Council is preparing an application to the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH).


The scheme allows home owners to access grant funding, provided by OEH, through the Floodplain Management Program , to assist with raising the floor level of their dwelling to or above the Flood Planning Level. This is a floor level height established by the State Government that applies to dwellings. The level is set at the level of a flood with a 1% chance of occurring in any given year, plus a 500mm freeboard. The grant funding is usually a 2:1 ratio; OEH pays two thirds and the owner pays 1 third.


Council has recently reviewed the upper limit for the OEH part of the funding, which is now up to $120,000 per dwelling. This gives a wider group of owners the ability to access the two thirds funding level.


To have your application put forward to OEH, Council needs a number of documents before 31 March 2017.

These are:

• Three quotes need to be obtained for the work as per Council’s Procurement Policy. You need to indicate your chosen contractor and your reason for choosing them if they are not the lowest quote.

• A Flood Height Survey prepared by a qualified surveyor.

• Plans and Engineering drawings suitable for lodgement of Development Application for the work.


Further information is available on the House Raising - Frequently Asked Questions. This fact sheet addresses questions on the timing of payments, how high your house can be raised, what costs are covered by the scheme and the like.


Please note that the number of dwellings able to be raised under the scheme in this round is dependent on the total number of applications made across the state, and each application requires OEH approval to go ahead. OEH approvals are expected to be received by Council by the end of December 2017. Those properties highest on the priority list will be given priority. Any properties that miss out, can apply for the next round.

For further information contact Leanne Ivanov at Council on 02 6757 3253.

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