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Tired of city living? Looking for a lifestyle change? Consider Moree Plains Shire.

The crisp freshness of country air, the totally different approach to life is what makes Moree Plains Shire such an incredible place for a new family or young professional, skilled tradespeople, as well as businesses, to unlock the opportunities that await them if they relocate to regional New South Wales.

Moree Plains Shire welcomes you to Kamilaroi country, the Shire that has everything; its diverse and sustainable communities, economic and technology opportunities, employment, community atmosphere, perfect location, family friendly and desirable healthy lifestyle.


Moree Plains is a strong, robust community that provides a relaxed, healthy and harmonious lifestyle with an economy that supports the local region preserving the important environmental qualities of our area.


Moree, with its active town Centre amongst the Art Deco street scape/heritage landmarks has modern cafes and restaurants, art galleries and cultural activities, boutique shops, social and out-doors activities and a strong business community. Moree is safe and friendly in an ideal location to raise your family with a great community connection.

The Shire of Moree Plains is located on the New South Wales and Queensland border. The major centre in the Shire, Moree, is 647 kilometres north-west of Sydney and 444 kilometres south-west of Brisbane at the junction of the Newell and Gwydir Highways.
Moree provides a range of outstanding amenities; facilities and commercial advantages, including extensive transport-related services by car, coach, rail or plane are excellent with daily flights and trains to major centres in NSW, including Sydney. Coach services to Melbourne, Brisbane and the NSW North Coast.Purchase In Plain View - Council's pictorial coffee table book
Moree is renowned as the Artesian Spa Capital of Australia. Visited by over 300,000 tourists a year, our nationally renowned 7 million dollar Moree Artesian Aquatic Complex (Spa Baths) and therapeutic and pampering services is Moree’s major tourist attraction. This complex brings together, from within the local and visiting community, people representing over 40 cultures that celebrate the diversity of our Shire. This Spa development will ensure that Moree increases its tourist numbers to become a more significant and recognised tourist destination throughout Australia.
The shire  has an extensive and diversified agricultural base with it's rich agricultural area with Moree being the hub of the Northern Wheatbelt area. With our rich black soil making cotton, wheat, cereal crops, canola,  legumes, safflower,  pecan nuts, olives/oil, cattle, sheep and livestock; our outstanding seasonal produce is iconic.
Moree has a steady social and entertainment lifestyle calendar which both supports and encourages welcoming social activities throughout the year. These include activities that encourage families and friends to enjoy monthly markets, Picnic races, golf tournaments, Moree food on a plate events, Annual show, Golden Grain and Cotton festival and the Australian Cotton Trade Show. 
With our affordable housing market there are plenty of contemporary and charmed weatherboard properties in leafy community suburbs.
Moree has a high standard of educational services including pre-schools, primary schools, high schools and a TAFE College. It is an attractive and liveable town with parklands, a beautiful golf course and a recently revitalised CBD. There is available land for industrial, residential and agricultural uses.
Education is the undoubtedly one of life's most valuable assets, from infants, primary and secondary schools through to NSW TAFE. Moree's diverse selection of schooling includes state, Catholic and Christian options.
For younger families, Moree offers several options for pre-school, occasional care, long day care and family day care requirements. Suitable from children from 6 weeks to school aged, Moree child care centres and pre-schools offer the ideal setting for early childhood education practice.
The Artesian Shire The Main Street Landscape The Lands Department The Rotunda of Kirby Park


Moree has many historical buildings and sites in and around the town, some of which can be viewed on our heritage trail. Our open garden schemes displays promote homestead garden themes with our typically hot climate and cooler winters allowing for a gardener’s paradise.

With top class facilities and providing a wide variety of sports for all ages, the town boast exceptional playing facilities including a regionally renowned 18 hole golf course, bowling greens, tennis and soccer and football fields, netball and cricket fields.
Moree is considered the fishing centre of the Gwydir delta, with exceptional fishing spots found on the Barwon River in Mungindi and on the banks of the Gil-Gil in Boomi and the development of Water dams providing the opportunity for the water ski enthusiasts. The whole family can relax and enjoy the fun with parks, picnic tables and BBQ’s at several of our local parks.
Moree's sporting clubs and associations include Bridge club, Uka, Poker, darts, snooker. See comprehensive list. 

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