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To provide treated water to towns and non-potable water to villages within the Moree Plains Shire.

Treated water from sub artesian bores supplies water to Moree and Pallamallawa.  Treated river water is supplied to Mungindi on the Barwon and Boggabilla on the MacIntyre rivers.  Boggabilla has a dual water supply system with half the water being filtered and disinfected for household uses and the other half is disinfected only, for yard uses, this reduces the treatment costs required for Boggabilla.  




The villages of Gurley and Boomi have non-potable water supplied from bores in the artesian aquifer. Weemelah’s non-potable water is stored in a dam supplied by water from the Gil Gil Creek, down stream of the regulated Carole Creek. Garah’s dam is also supplied by water from the Gil Gil Creek and has an artesian bore water to supplement the supply.


Key Activities of the Water Section

  • Daily chemical dosing, sampling and testing of the treated water supplies.
  • Installation and maintenance of water mains and services.
  • Yearly maintenance of all fire hydrants.
  • Quarterly meter reading of all water meters for billing purposes.
  • Meter readings as required for sale of properties.
  • Public education to promote sustainable water use practices.



Current Projects

  • Improved water storage at Boomi with a new elevated tank.
  • New pumps at Garah, Boomi and Weemelah to improve reliability of pumping.
  • New production bores for Moree and Pallamallawa water supplies.
  • Yearly capital works program for Moree Shire to ensure that assets are replaced before levels of service are compromised.
  • Adoption of the “Best Practice Pricing” financial modeling to ensure equitable user pay system to all customers in accordance with national policy.
  • Identification of alternative water sources and bore field operation to ensure long term sustainability for the shire.



Future directions

  • The inquiry into secure and sustainable urban water supply and sewerage services for non-metropolitan NSW will set the future direction of the water and sewerage business operation of Moree Plains Shire Council.