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Volunteers Make a Difference to the Environment

Eighteen bags of rubbish were collected from along the Mehi River from Dr Hollingsworth Bridge (Edward Street) under Dr Hunter Bridge (main town bridge) and towards to the Albert Street Bridge as part of Clean Up Australia Day last Sunday.

A small, but dedicated team of volunteers gathered over the weekend donning a pair of gloves, a hat and lending a hand in an effort to clean up the target area.

Council’s Environment and Compliance Assistant Elisha Bridge explained Clean Up Australia Day is one of the ways Council works with the community to make our public spaces rubbish-free and more appealing for everyone and I want to thank everyone for their efforts.

“We had around 18 people come to the community event to help clean along the Mehi River, skate-park and behind the Showgrounds.”

“It was a tremendous effort as each volunteer collected a full bag of rubbish.”

 Clean Up Australia Day 2018



Council Meeting – 8 March 2018

Open Public Forum

Community members are invited to attend this week’s Council Meeting to participate in an open Public Forum.

The Public Forum seeks to improve communication between Council and community members, provides an opportunity for members of the community to raise relevant issues with Council in a formal meeting environment and supports Council’s aim to be an open and accessible organisation.

Details are as follows:
Date:     Thursday 8 March 2018
Time:    4pm
Venue:  Council Chambers, Level 1, Max Centre, 30 Heber Street Moree.

Members of the public who wish to address the Forum on particular matters are invited to pre-register with Council prior to the Council meeting setting out issues they wish to address. This can be done by contacting Laura Colley, Executive Office on 6757 3222 or alternatively, registrations can be taken prior to the meeting.

The conduct of the Forum will be in accordance with Council’s usual requirements, including the Moree Plains Shire Council Code of Meeting Practice, the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) and NSW Local Government (General) Regulations (2005).



Floodplain Risk Management – Moree and Surrounds

Floodplain Risk Management – Moree and Surrounds

Under the NSW Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy, councils across NSW are responsible for the management of flood liable land.

We have a responsibility to manage floodplains to ensure that any:

  • New development will not experience undue flood risk; and
  • Existing development will not be adversely flood affected through increased damage or hazard as a result of any new development.

We need to have a policy with respect to controlling development on flood prone land and in doing so, be satisfied that all new development adequately minimises the risk to human life and damage to property, and avoids significant adverse impacts on flood behaviour and the environment.

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