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Scheduled Works

Works Report Thursday, 10 May 2018

   Location                                                         |         Work Details  


General Town Maintenance

Kerb Rehab Project - Florence Street

Guide Post Maintenance

Street Sweeping

Watering Tree's and Verges

Dead Tree Removal - Various Areas

Replaning New Trees

CBD Flags

CBD Parking Block repairs

Road Repairs - Various Streets

Litter Collection - Various Streets, Carparks, Cemetery, Depot, Parks, Ovals, Gum Flat

Emptying bins - Parks, Ovals, Cemetery, Works Depot, Gum Flat

Line Marking - Various Streets/Giveway Intersections

Signs - Various Streets

   Construction Projects (RTA Road maintenance)

Asset Inspections - SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH17 Newell Highway, SH28 Carnarvon Highway

Pothole and Edge Repairs - SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH28 Carnarvon Highway

Rest Area Maintenance - SH12 Gwydir Highway

Signage Repairs - SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH17 Newell Highway, SH28 Carnarvon Highway

Signage - Carole Creek

Slashing - SH12 Gwydir Highway

Mungindi Shoulder Widening

   Unsealed Road Network (Maintenance Grading)

Re-sheet - SR13 Moloney Road, SR136 Tyrone Road

Causeway Maintenance - SR24 Sandholes Road

New Havent Pit

Yarraman Pit

   Sealed Road Network (Pot hole, Heavy Patching & Resealing)

Pothole Repairs - Various Shire & Regional Roads and Urban Streets

Road Reconstruction - MR507 Carrigan Road

Slashing - MR232 Boonangar Road, MR507 Carrigan Road

Edge Break Repairs - MR2323 Boonangar Road, Gnoura Gnoura Bridge North of Boomi

Cracked Sealing Repairs - MR507 Carrigan Road, @^102 Dolgelly Road

Remarking Segments - Various Shire and Regional Roads

   Parks and Open Space Network (CBD Gardens, Parks and Ovals, Villages)

Mowing, Shipper Snipper and Spraying - Parks, Ovals, Entrances, Gateway and Villages

General Town Maintenance

Litter Collection

Irrigation Maintenance

Burr Removal - Various Ovals

Garden Maintenance - Parks and CBD

Frost Protection Spray - CBD Hedges

Playground and Furniture Maintenance

Graffiti Removal

Village Maintenance


Maintenance Grading - SR18 Barwon River Road

Table Drain Cleaning - SR18 Barwon River Road

General Town Maintenance

Litter Collection

Kerb and gutter Cleaning

Mowing and Shipper Snipping, Weed Spraying, Tree Maintenance

Oval Line Marking

Garah Maintenance - Clean Toilets

Cemetery Maintenance (Mowing, Whipper Snipping)

Pool Maintenance (Mowing)



   Flood Damage