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Scheduled Works

Works Report Thursday, 1 March 2018

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General Town Maintenance
Kerb Rehab Project- Adelaide Street
New Chainlink Fence- Wood Duck Park
Drainage Maintenance/ Clearing Pits- Various Streets
New Ponding Pit/ Pipe Installation- Dover Street
Pot Hole Repairs- Various Town Streets
Street Sweeping- Behind Fig Trees, Frome Street
Slashing Drains/ Verges- Gosport Street
Whipper Snipping- Various Verges
Litter Collection- Various Streets, Carparks, Cemetery, Depot, Parks, Ovals, Gumflats
Emptying Bins
Watering Trees- Various Streets
Tree Pruning- Various Footpaths and Verges

   Construction Projects (RTA Road maintenance)

Asset Inspections- SH12 Gwydir Highway,  SH17 Newell Highway,  SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Pot Hole And Edge Repairs-  SH12 Gwydir Highway,  SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Guidepost Repairs- SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH17 Newell, SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Rest Area Maintenance-  SH12 Gwydir Highway
Signage Repairs- SH12 Gwydir Highway, SH28 Carnarvon Highway
Shoulder Widening- SH28 Gwydir Highway
Mungindi Gravel Pit

   Unsealed Road Network (Maintenance Grading)

Maintenance- SR11 Gingham Road, SR12 Talmoi Road, SR14 Curragundi Road, SR19 Presbury Road, SR24 Sandholes Road, SR107 Grattai Road, SR134 Mount Jerrybang Road, SR185 Lairdoo Road.

   Sealed Road Network (Pot hole, Heavy Patching & Resealing)

Pot Hole Repairs-  Various Shire & Regional Roads And Urban Streets, Two Jet Patches And Premix
Reseal Preparation Heavy Patching- SR130 County Boundary Road
Reseal Preparation Edge Break- MR507 Carigan way
Guide Post and Signage Maintenance- SR 11 Berrigal Creek Road, SR111 Melburra Road, SR101 Terry Hie Hie Road.
Remarking Segments- SR101 Terry Hie Hie Road, SR11 Gingham Road.

   Parks and Open Space Network (CBD Gardens, Parks and Ovals, Villages)



Maintenance Grading-  SR19 Presbury Road, MR507 Carrigan Road
Litter Collection
Kerb and Gutter Cleaning
Drainage Maintenance- Various Streets
Garah Maintenance- Clean Toilets, Mowing
Mowing and Whipper Snipping,  Weed Spraying, Tree Maintenance
Cemetery Maintenance (Mowing, Whipper Snipping)
Pool Maintenance (Mowing)


General Town Maintenance
Litter Collection
Line Trim
Mowing/Slashing- Various Open Spaces, Oval
Pot Hole Repair- MR507 Carrigan Road, MR462 Bruxner Way, Various Town Streets.
Road Bleeding Repair- MR462 Bruxner Way
Tip Maintenance
Cemetery Irrigation- Lawn Cemetery
Subsidence Repair- River Street, North Street

   Flood Damage